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Get ready to make a change (or) accelerate changes you are already making.

Find Your Path Virtual Workshop

The path beyond workaholism needs to be simpler and more flexible than I initially imagined.

Participants will...

Identify their unique path beyond workaholism

Get clear on their (personalized) next steps

Get tools to triage their next step at each stage of their journey

The Tools You'll Gain

Template to recreate

Re-usable Choose your Adventure decision tree

Mountain illustration by Jenny Lynne

Cheat Sheet

A one-page cheat sheet to activate each step in the tree when it's needed

Cactus illustration by Jenny Lynne


Micro-surveys (<1 minute) to help triage which path to take

Map illustration by Jenny Lynne

In our society of busyness, we don't have the time or energy to do anything more than small, meaningful changes that have a snowball effect on our world.

In 90 minutes, you’ll have a plan you can use to move forward:

But wait... there's more

You get some extras because this is my pilot release, and I am looking to create my first-mover group:

A discount + access to the recording

Regular personal check-ins and pointers along your journey

Free beta access to the app I'm developing when it launches

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