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About Jenny Lynne

Speaker. Entrepreneur. Business advisor. Writer.

Life is short. Play Big.

Delegate, refocus & do more of what you love.

Make glorious mistakes

The kind that won’t sink you.

Address the mess

You can’t fix it if you’re ashamed of it.

Be present

This world will be changed by people, not projects.

Create clarity & action

If you can’t take action, it will never happen.

Show—don’t tell

Talk is cheap. Make it real.

Today, I’m on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs make a difference and live their dream–whatever that looks like for them.

Press & Interviews

The Death of a Workaholic

The Mindset Zone

March 10, 2023

The difference between hard work and being a workaholic is consciously choosing what gets your energy, and when it’s done, putting it down and getting to rest.

How to Make Your Business Run Without You

Flow Working: The Entrepreneur’s Podcast

April 4, 2022

Turn a solo business into a thriving team and create essential processes that work without you.

Where Business Owners Get Stuck

Beers with Max

July 26, 2021

Building a scalable business means knowing where you’ll get stuck - and keeping it from happening.

There's a world out there where people CHOOSE to get up for work each day and make their impact and fully live their life at the same time. Out Loud. Messy. Real.

And I want you to experience it. Fully.

Let me back up.

In January 2021, my kids’ dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and a horrific prognosis. And then, ten months later, he was gone.

This event changed everything for me. I was running a successful, growing business — but it was 100% dependent on me. If I stopped working, the business stopped producing. Another kid I had to raise when I barely had time to raise my own.

I knew that wouldn’t work for my life anymore. I had to scale something that made an impact, let me do more of what I loved, and worked completely with my now-chaotic single mom life.

So I challenged everything I knew.

Within a week, I went from 60 hours down to 45, and after some temporary drops, I settled at 30 hours per week total, and 20 of that on my own purpose-driven business, ACThoughtful Consulting.

The fact that I had to look in the mirror and admit that I can’t work more than 30-35 hours was crazy talk.

But it was also the truth.

It changed the fabric of my business first and how I built and led my team, set priorities, and structured my business model. And over time, it made its way into my identity as I evolved from a workaholic business owner to the CEO who builds things bigger than myself.

Here’s a big question...

What could you do if you didn’t have to do it all?

Jenny Lynne

Serial Entrepreneur & Evolved Workaholic

Self-Portrait of Jenny Lynne
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