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Advisory Services

For entrepreneurs that want to get on the fast-track

You have ideas...

The currency of a high-impact business is purpose, time, money, clear direction, and talent.

  • What if you could build the future world you want AND your role in it?

  • What if you could be confident that you AND your ideas have a path forward?

  • What if you could build a business that's strong enough for you to take a step back and enjoy life?

You just need some rocket fuel.

You don’t have to figure it all out alone.

I'm the partner that gets it.

Business coaches that stand by you week in and week out are great, but if you want to make BIG, fast moves, you need more than the right mindset.

I’m the advisor who will roll up their sleeves, get down to business, and build something that gets you on the right path and ready to execute.

Launching a new offering

Your business is outrunning you

Re-thinking your business model

Critical annual or quarterly planning cycle

On the cusp of a growth spurt

Prioritize hires & investments to support rapid scale

Need a business case for potential investors

Ready to create a business that runs without you

That looks different for everyone, but there’s usually an impetus:

Stop spinning & turn your idea into action.

I'm looking for a few great leaders ready to get their hands dirty and make real progress.

I want to get you moving quickly.

With every service, you walk away with a bottom-line plan, including the models, details, and actions you need to own and run with your ideas.


A two-hour workshop to get you to the finish line and performance-based milestones.

A visual roadmap 

Direction on how to get started

Custom branding to share with your partners and team

Implementation call


Business Planning

A one-day all-hands-on-deck workshop that goes beyond simply creating a plan to confirming it's feasible.

A visual roadmap 

Direction on how to get started

Custom branding to share with your partners and team

Implementation call

One (1) key support plan; hiring, pricing, or financial projection


Launch Planning

A two-day intensive that covers all the core components needed to bring your plan to life

A visual roadmap 

Direction on how to get started

Custom branding to share with your partners and team

Prioritized launch plan

Organization design and hiring plan

Offerings and pricing

Financial projections


The Process

Chart the Course

Together, we'll define what a successful engagement is, figure out where you want to go and the main obstacles in your way.

Mountain illustration by Jenny Lynne

Choose the Right Path

Make the decisions you need to launch or rapidly scale a business that honors the impact you want to make AND the life you want to have.

Cactus illustration by Jenny Lynne

Get Clear Directions

I'll synthesize all the outputs into clear deliverables, like a business case, a services model, or a team structure, and provide the next steps.

Map illustration by Jenny Lynne

Move with Confidence

We'll review everything together and make sure you understand how to use what we created to move your business forward

Binocular illustration by Jenny Lynne

Even though we’ll work through the bulk of your plan in one day, we also need to work outside the session to ensure the plan goes beyond a conversation or a piece of paper that sits on a shelf.

The magic doesn’t just happen in one day.

In 2-4 weeks, you’ll have a plan you can use to move your business forward.

Apply Now.

Submit a Video

Submit a 5 min. video describing your idea, hurdles, and goals.

Submit a video illustration by Jenny Lynne

Review & Selection

I'll review your video to determine if you're the right fit, and you'll receive a response within a week.

Selection illustration by Jenny Lynne

Kick-Off Call

We will schedule a kick off call where we settle the details before anything gets signed.

Kickoff call illustration by Jenny Lynne

If you know you’re capable of changing the world and yourself and the only thing stopping you is clarity—submit your video.

opportunities in the next 90 days.


Start playing at a different level.

Don't take the scenic route.

Having a business whose survival depends on you

Struggling through work & life transition

Spinning in circles & getting nowhere

Not living up to your potential

Get on the fast track!

Create more space to do what you love

Make confident, data-backed decisions

Launch projects quickly

Step into the role of a CEO and gain control of your business

"Working with Jenny is like working with a business partner. She just gets it, and she is always looking at how to help you drive the best outcomes for your business through tactics that make logical and financial sense."

Kate Dileo

Owner & Chief Brand Architect

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